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Graham-Field Patriot Full-Electric Hospital Bed

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Graham-Field Patriot Full-Electric Hospital Bed

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  • Description

    Graham-Field Lumex Patriot Full-Electric Hospital Bed makes it easier for caregivers to raise and lower the bed for patient care and linen changes. Electric height adjustment enables the patient to easily position the bed for maximum comfort. The Full electric model can be adjusted to be a conventional height homecare bed or a low bed for better inventory management

    Features of Lumex Patriot Full-Electric Hospital Bed

    • This hospital bed features powerful DC motor for effortless height adjustment 
    • Hi-Lo motor comes pre-installed on foot section for easy set-up and disassembly 
    • All functions fully-integrated into convenient handheld penant 
    • Welded motor-guard protects the motor and universal joint from damage during shipment and deliveries 
    • Weighs only 178 pounds (bed and motor)
    • Maximum patient weight 350 lbs
    • 450 lb evenly distributed total weight capacity including patient, mattress, rails, and accessories 
    • 4-inch extension kit that can extend either the head, foot, or both head and foot decking. Bed length will be 84" with one kit, 88" with 2 kits
    • Height Adjustment:
      • Casters in Low Position: Min. 9.5", Max. 20" (at deck level)
      • Casters in Standard Position: Min. 13", Max. 23.5" (at deck level)
    • Gravity-Down Safety: The motors push the head and knee grid decks up, but do not pull the knee and head down. As the motor plunger retracts, the head and knee lower freely, minimizing bed damage and/or personal injury from items caught under the grid deck

    Advantages of grid deck over spring deck design

    • Much stronger frame
    • Better mattress support
    • No spring sag or bottoming out with heavier patients
    • Easier to clean
    • No connecting links or springs to lose

    Half, Full or Quarter length bed rails features

    • Improved rail design decreases the spacing between the crossbars, thus reducing the risk of entrapment
    • New bed rail length closes open areas that can occur during full bed articulation 
    • Rails now mount in fixed patent pending rail slots on Patriot bed deck to prevent sliding and moving and easy installation
    • Spring-loaded, self-adjusting cross braces feature safety tabs that prevent accidental disengagement when bumped or during application of side pressure 
    • Heavy duty steel construction
    • Rails are powder-coated with an environmentally friendly, long-lasting hammer tone finish and secure gripping surface


    • Indicates a potential hazard situation or unsafe practice that, if not avoided, could result in death or serious personal injury
    • Indicates a potential hazard situation or unsafe practice that, if not avoided, could result in moderate or minor personal injury
    • Indicates a potential hazard or unsafe practice that, if not avoided, could result in product or property damage
    • Keep hands and feet clear of all moving parts
    • Do not allow small children on or near bed during operation
    • Do not allow this device to be operated by small children
    • When operating the hi/lo, knee, or back function of the bed, always ensure that the individual confined to the bed is positioned properly within the confines of the bed. Do not let any extremities protrude over the side or between the bed rails when performing any functions.
    • Before operating, ensure that the bed frame rivets are properly seated in the bed end hooks; otherwise, personal injury or damage could result
    • Keep all moving parts free of obstructions (i.e. blankets/sheets, heating blankets/pads, tubing, wiring, and other types of products)
    • Do not leave the bed unattended when plugged in
    • Note: To reduce the risk of product or property damage:
      • The pendant hand control cord must be routed and secured properly to ensure that the cord does not become entangled and eventually severed during use.
      • When using nasal or masked type administering equipment, oxygen or air tubing must be routed and secured properly to ensure that tubing does not become entangled and eventually severed during normal operation of bed.
  • Specs

    Graham-Field Full-Electric Hospital Bed Highlights:

    • Overall Bed Size: 87" L x 36" W 
    • Lift Range: Head - 60°, Knee - 30° 
    • No external pinch points 
    • Slots in the frame to ensure proper rail placement
    • Locking pins secure bed ends to sleep deck
    • Attached lanyards prevent loss while moving or storing
  • Size Chart / measuring guide
  • Warranty Information
    Graham-Field US0458 Electric Bed Warranty 2 Year warranty for defects in workmanship and materials of mechanical components, frame, and electronics. During the warranty period, defective items will be repaired or replaced. The warranty does not include any labor charges incurred in replacement part(s) installation or any associated freight or shipping charges.

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