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Permobil F3 Corpus Power Wheelchair
Chair Options:
Power Tilt, Power Recline, Power Articulating Foot Platfrom and Active Height Power Adjustable Seat Height


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SKU: Perm-F3-3F-1


Permobil F3 Corpus Power Wheelchair
Chair Options:
Power Tilt, Power Recline, Power Articulating Foot Platfrom and Active Height Power Adjustable Seat Height


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
SKU: Perm-F3-3F-1

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  • Description

    F3 Corpus

    Small Footprint, Big Impact

    The F3 Corpus offers the smallest footprint of the F-series front wheel drive power wheelchairs. Its compact size and agility allows users to easily maneuver in and out of tight spaces. The optimized battery weight distribution, lower center of mass and fully adjustable ComfortRide suspension improve stability while traversing inclines or declines. Experience the enhanced functionality of the F3 by combining outstanding chassis performance with Permobil’s industry leading Corpus Seating System offering 12” of ActiveHeight and up to 30º of ActiveReach forward tilt technology.

    Compact Urban Ability

    The F3 Corpus compact size and agility allows users to easily maneuver in and out of tight spaces. The Smooth suspension always ensures a comfortable ride in urban areas.

    In terms of size, the F3 Corpus is the little sibling in our family of frontwheel drive power wheelchairs. Its size and maneuverability let you move quickly in and out of tight spaces like busy city streets and crowded shopping centers or even compact apartments.

    The F3 Corpus provides an exceptionally comfortable ride, saving your energy to navigate in daily life.


    Powerful Features


    Comfort is King
    Corpus®, the world’s leading ergonomic seating system, just got better. Biomechanically optimized power positioning has been enhanced with Corpus Ergo Seat cushion with redesigned pelvic well and new Corpus Ergo backrest cushions with dual density foam. New Stretch-Air cover option is a breathable, machine washable fabric with a low moisture vapor transfer.

    The Corpus® Seating System

    Corpus®, the world’s leading ergonomic seating system, just got better. Biomechanically optimized power positioning has been enhanced with improved Ergo seat and backrest cushions. Our new dual density backrest foam promotes greater surface area contact while the redesigned Ergo seat pelvic well insert can help pressure redistribution and reduce peak pressures. Stretch-Air covers offer a breathable, moisture resistant fabric material to enhance comfort and help protect underlying foam.


    Permobil Connect


    Features the same level of technology that come to expect in daily routine life. Connect users and service technicians through a single intuitive platform and improves communication and helps to be better prepared for the unexpected.


    Additional Features


    Compact Stability: Permobil F3 Corpus provides small footprint of the F-series front wheel drive power wheelchairs. Compact size and agility allows users to easily maneuver in and out of tight spaces.



    High power LED head lights: Twice as bright, makes it easier to see and be seen. With a sleek new design, expanded color/hydrographic options and powerful new LED lighting that should be prepared to turn a few heads in F-Series wheelchair.




    ActiveReach™ forward tilt enables you to reach for more by creating up to 4.5″ of additional reach. This can be used for reaching beyond obstructions, into high cabinets, or even assist in transfers. Truly putting your world within reach. While functional reach and transfers are improved using a seat elevator, many functional tasks are still limited as the chair is positioned sideways to the task at hand or your knees are unable to remain under tabletops. Permobil’s ActiveReach™ pairs with 12″ and 14″ of seat elevation so you can get closer to what matters.

  • Specs



    Maximum user weight 300 lbs.
    Maximum speed options 6 mph
    Driving range (1) 13 miles
    Base width 24"
    Base length 36" (40" w/ anti-tippers)
    Minimum turning radius 26.5"
    Ground clearance 3"
    Optional seat elevator 12"
    Battery type Group 24 gel, Group 34 gel
    Drive electronics R-net 120A
    Seat to floor height 17.5", 18.5", 19.5"
    Power tilt options 0° - 50° posterior
    Recline options 85° - 120° (manual), 85° - 150° (power)
    Legrest elevation 85° - 170°
    Armrest pad lengths 10", 13", 16" & 18"
    Seat widths 17" - 23" (by 2" increments)
    Seat depths 14" - 22" (by 1" increments)
    Backrest height 20", 23" - 28" (by 1" increments)
    (1) This represents the theoretical driving range when testing the wheelchair according to RESNA WC-2, Section 4.
    This test is performed under ideal conditions and actual range will vary depending on battery and driving condition


  • Size Chart / measuring guide
    Seat Depth
    Measure from the most posterior point of the body to the inside of the knee, minus at least two inches. Some prefer more leg overhang to make room for their hand when lifting their leg.
    Back Height
    Measured from the seat base to the top of the chair back. Power wheelchair riders need upper back support, particularly for the moment of initial acceleration.
    Hanger Angle
    Determines how far the toes extend away from the body, measured from the horizontal. A tighter angle allows the electric power wheelchair to turn around in less space. Depends in part on ability of the knee to bend towards the perpendicular.
    Seat Width
    Determined by the widest point of the body from knee to hip, plus an inch to ensure room to move. Consider bulk of clothing, particularly a heavy winter coat, if relevant.
    Front Seat to Floor
    Measure the leg from the back of the knee to the sole of the foot. Then subtract the thickness of the cushion when it is compressed. Next, add a minimum of two inches for footrest clearance. Electric power wheelchairs are almost never footpropelled by the user - so excluding the additional two-inch footrest height for propelling is very rare.
  • Videos
  • Warranty Information
    ONE YEAR LIMITED PRODUCT WARRANTY The one year warranty applies to the following Permobil wheelchairs: C300 Corpus 3G C300 Corpus II C300 Corpus Jr C300 Corpus PS C300 Corpus Tilt C350 Corpus 3G C350 Corpus II C350 Corpus PS F3 Corpus K300 PS Jr M300 Corpus 3G M300 Corpus HD M300 PS Jr M3 Corpus M1 Permobil Inc. (“Permobil”) warrants the above-listed Permobil wheelchairs to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year under proper use, maintenance and care according to the owner’s manual, warnings and instructions accompanying the product, with the following specific exceptions: 1) Batteries are covered by a separate warranty provided by the battery manufacturer; 2) Any ROHO cushion included with the product is covered by a separate warranty provided by ROHO. The express warranty set forth herein (“the Warranty”) is subject to all terms set forth herein below. COMMENCEMENT OF WARRANTY PERIOD The Warranty shall begin on the date the product is first delivered to the customer, or forty (40) days from the date the product is shipped to the dealer by Permobil, whichever comes first. REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT For warranty service, customers must contact the dealer from whom the product was purchased. In the event of a defect in material or workmanship, the dealer must obtain a return authorization (RA) number from Permobil and the product must be shipped to a service center designated by Permobil. Permobil will repair or, at Permobil’s option, replace any product covered by the Warranty, subject to the terms set forth herein. See the below warranty covering spare or replacement parts used in any of the above-listed Permobil wheelchairs. If you do not receive satisfactory warranty service or you cannot locate the dealer from whom the product was purchased, please call Permobil’s Technical Service Supervisor at (800) 736-0925. Do not return products to Permobil without Permobil’s prior written consent. Returns must be shipped with freight pre-paid. Permobil recommends that you insure the product for its full replacement cost when shipping. SPARE AND REPLACEMENT PARTS WARRANTY Permobil warrants any spare parts sold by Permobil for use in any of abovelisted Permobil wheelchairs, and any replacement parts used in a repair performed by an authorized Permobil dealer, to be free from defects for a period of 90-days under proper use, maintenance and care according to the owner’s manual, warnings and instructions accompanying the product. The warranty covering spare or replacement parts shall begin on the date the spare or replacement part is first shipped to the customer, or the date the part is incorporated into the product by an authorized Permobil dealer, whichever comes first. DISCLAIMER & LIMITATIONS OF REMEDIES The Warranty is made in lieu of and supersedes all other warranties or conditions, whether express, implied, collateral, statutory, common law, the Uniform Commercial Code or otherwise, of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or general use. The Warranty covers parts only. Labor, service calls, shipping costs and other charges incurred for the repair of the product are not included in the Warranty, unless specifically authorized by Permobil. The Warranty is effective only if the product is purchased from an authorized Permobil dealer. The Warranty is available only to the initial purchaser of the product from an authorized Permobil dealer. Parts subject to “normal wear and tear,” including but not limited to cushions, pads, upholstery, tires and tubes, brake pads, fuses, bulbs, and grips, are not covered in the Warranty except as it applies to defects in material or construction of those parts. The Warranty will be void if the original Permobil serial number tag on the product has been removed, altered or defaced. The following is not intended to limit the application of any relevant consumer protection laws. In no event shall Permobil be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, remote, punitive, exemplary or specific damages resulting from any defect in this product. These include but are not limited to any damages in the form of lost profits, loss of use, legal fees, economic loss, personal injuries, or any other damages caused by circumstances beyond the control of Permobil. In no event shall damages for breach of any warranty exceed the original cost of the product. The use or installation of non-Permobil issued equipment or parts, or the repair or replacement of parts by anyone other than an authorized Permobil dealer, may void the Warranty. The Warranty is contingent upon the proper use, maintenance and care of the product. The Warranty may be void if the product has been used in a manner contradictory or in violation of the terms of the owner’s manual, warnings or instructions accompanying the product, including but not limited to exceeding the maximum weight limit of the product, or using the product with tie downs or locking, clamping, or other restraint systems. The Warranty may also be void if the product has been repaired or any part replaced by persons other than Permobil or an authorized Permobil dealer. The addition of equipment or features to the product that are not manufactured or recommended by Permobil could affect the intended function of the Permobil product, and therefore may void the Warranty. Permobil cannot guarantee the continued performance or safety of the product if it is subject to acts of God or Nature, including but not limited to water, floods, wind, tornado, earthquake or fire, or involved in automobile accidents or extraordinary impact events, such as dropping or crushing. Such extraordinary events to products covered by this Warranty may create considerable damage that may be imperceptible to an inspection. Any damages caused by these types of events are not covered by the Warranty. The exclusion and limitations to the Warranty apply to the maximum extent permitted by law and unless restricted or prohibited by law. The laws of your jurisdiction may restrict or prohibit some of the restrictions in the Warranty, in which case such restrictions do not apply to you. Where any term of this Warranty is prohibited by applicable law, it shall be null and void, but the remainder of this Warranty shall remain in effect. AMENDMENTS No person is authorized to alter, extend or waive the Warranty of Permobil.

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