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Frontier V6 – All-Terrain MWD Electric Wheelchair

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Regular Price: $13,995.00
Sale: $9,900.00
(You save $4,095.00 )

Frontier V6 – All-Terrain MWD Electric Wheelchair

(No reviews yet) Write a Review

Regular Price: $13,995.00
Sale: $9,900.00
(You save $4,095.00 )
Regular Price: $13,995.00
Sale: $9,900.00
Regular Price: $13,995.00
Sale: $9,900.00
(You save $4,095.00 )
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  • Description


    One of the most popular powered wheelchair worldwide, the Magic Mobility Frontier V6 All Terrain is ideal for the outdoors, yet its size makes it a capable indoor performer. If performance and versatility is what you are after, the Frontier V6 All Terrain will impress those who prefer the track to the tarmac.

    Magic Mobility wheelchairs can be found on building sites, farms, stables, national parks - all allowing people to continue to work.

    The Magic Mobility Frontier V6 all-terrain mid-wheel drive power wheelchair provides tremendous off-road and curb-climbing capabilities. Its low pressure tires provide a smoother ride and give the Frontier V6 increased climbing ability. The Frontier V6 is the ideal outdoor wheelchair, yet its size makes it a capable indoor performer, too!

    • Drive mode: Mid wheel drive
    • Motors: 68Nm Torque, 800W, Gear In Line
    • Environment: Adventurous and everyday off-road

    Frontier V6 Features

      • A full range of advanced control systems and environmental controls are available. Easy to program and easy to use.
      • Power options: 12" seat lift, tilt (45 degrees), power recline, lay down, power elevating legrests, transfer tilt (8 degrees and up to 2 1/2" floor to seat height reduction), transfer tilt with tilt only
      • Seating and Backrests: MPS, rehab backrest and adjustable seat pans and custom seating
      • Headrests and mounts: MPS, rehab
      • Legrests: Center post, side mount, swingaway, power elevating
      • Footplates: 1 or 2 piece fixed/ flip up/angle adjustable, any custom requirement
      • A full range of armpads, straps, pads, harness, restraints, supports are all available from our extensive catalogue.
      • Greatest off-road capability in the Frontier range
      • Best Frontier model for curb climbing
      • Exceptionally smooth ride due to its low pressure tires
      • Splash-resistant (not waterproof)


    Power Seat Elevate

    Power Seat Elevate

    With 12" seat elevation, the power lift function on Magic Mobility wheelchairs can open up new worlds and possibilities. Some important benefits include:

    Independence: Having the ability to elevate up to 12" enables greater independence by providing better accessibility to the things you need and love to do.

    Reach: It's simply easier to reach items when in an elevated position. The 12 inches of lift is easily noticeable, making reaching things like light switches and checkout counters that much easier.

    Increased visibility: Sitting at a concert or sports event doesn't always provide the best experience, especially if those around you are standing, obscuring your view of the main event. An elevation of 12 inches gives you the boost to be at standing height, making these standing experiences much more enjoyable.

    Social interaction: The 12" lift makes social interactions much easier and more enjoyable.

    For children: Being at eye level to their fellow classmates and friends through the use of the power lift function can help reduce the negative stigma that may affect young wheelchair users. This can result in more enriching positive experiences for children.


    Frontier V6 Hybrid Option

    Frontier V6 Hybrid Option

    Spend more time indoors than out? The Frontier V6 Hybrid wheel & tire package is for you. Get more indoor maneuverability without giving up exceptional off-road capability.








  • Specs
    • Features Specifications
      *Length of base 41.3" (*legrest choice and seating size may increase chair length/width)
      *Width of base 28"
      Floor to top of seat pan height 17", 18" or 19"
      Turning circle (radius) of base 23.5"
      Weight limit 400lbs, 340lbs with lift and/or tilt
      Top speed 6.2mph
      Motors 68Nm Torque, 800W, Gear In Line
      Motor IP Rating 54 (splash resistant but not waterproof) The wheelchair has electric motors and must not be driven through water, into rivers, creeks and the sea
      Wheels - Off-road 14" (145/70-6), black (note silver rims not available in the USA)
      Wheels - Crossover 14" (5.30/4.50-6) black or grey (pneumatic only)
      Castors (2.80/2.50-4), black or grey (solid or pneumatic)
      Batteries Gel
      Controller Penny & Giles controller with LCD display (R-Net) or LED option
      Legrest options Center post, manual elevating, power/manual elevating swingaway, center mount power elevating
      Seating and backrests Adjustable seat pan (12” deep to 24” wide) to fit MPS / Rehab or aftermarket seating options
      Tie down points Crash test compliant
  • Size Chart / measuring guide
  • Videos
  • Warranty Information

    Warranty terms


    The warranty period begins on the date that the product is first received by the customer, or thirty (30) days from the shipping date from Magic Mobility, whichever comes first.


    Customers should contact the agent from whom the product was purchased. Magic Mobility will, at our discretion, repair/replace items that are considered faulty at time of manufacture.

    The availability of replacement units is subject to the discretion of the agent, not the manufacturer. For more information regarding replacement units, contact your Magic Mobility agent.


    Installation of components by an unauthorized agent will void the warranty. If non-Magic Mobility parts are used or installed, it may void the warranty and effect the wheelchair’s performance.

    Servicing to controllers or other electronic equipment must be carried out by an authorized agent. Any attempt to open or dismantle these items will void the warranty.

    Batteries: gradual deterioration in battery performance due to being left in a discharged state or left in poor conditions (extreme temperatures, unclean or damp environments) is not covered under warranty.

    Your wheelchair is not covered under warranty if it is submerged in water, or is exposed to corrosive liquids. Please note that salt water is considered highly corrosive and proper cleaning care and maintenance as described in this manual should be followed.


     Warranty must not be altered, waived or extended. An extension to the warranty period is authorized by Magic Mobility on Magic Mobility documentation.


    Frame, bogie and trailing arms, forks.

    One year warranty

    The Magic Mobility wheelchair is under full warranty for the first twelve (12) months from the commencement date. This warranty does not detract from but is in addition to your legal rights.

    Warranty exclusions

    Damage or corrosion due to misuse, accidents or alterations

     General wear and tear (tires, batteries, upholstery, scratches, damage etc)

    Accidents, including collision, fire, theft and riot.

    Alterations including modification and tampering.

    Repairs performed or replacement parts installed by any person other than an Authorized Dealer.

    A replacement part or accessory not conforming to Magic’s specification.

    Replacement/repair parts warranty exclusions

    Parts replaced under the warranty period are solely covered for the original warranty period of the wheelchair.

    Spare parts warranty

    Spare parts under the warranty period (current models): There is no extended warranty for parts.

    Spare parts outside the warranty period (current models): A replacement may be offered, but has a limited

    Spare parts (legacy models): A replacement may be offered, but has a limited 30 day warranty.

    Additional notes

    Magic Mobility will take reasonable steps to ensure that spare parts are available for 5 years after a model has been upgraded

     Electrical parts – a replacement may be offered, but Magic Mobility but has a limited 30 day warranty Mechanical parts – a replacement may be offered for a mechanical part. The warranty on this item is limited to 12 months

     Upon acceptance of goods at delivery the purchaser accepts the “Terms & Conditions of Sale”

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